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Heavy Duty Scissors Lift

Heavy Duty Scissors Lift

With the industry‘s most inventive engineers and the widest line of tough and dependable material handling equipment, India SKS designs and manufacture the best heavy duty scissor lifts that meet the requirements of customers.

These scissor lifts come with the capacity to manage the heaviest loads right from 500kg to 5000 kg. Our material handling and lifting solutions are manufactured for diverse industries.


SN Model Capacity   (T) Lifting Height
Wheels Foundation
  SL-11 2 3000-4500 NA Pit Mounted or On Wheels
  SL-12 5 1500-3000 NA Pit Mounted
  SL-13 10 1500 NA Pit Mounted
  SL-21 2 5000-7000 NA Pit Mounted
  SL-22 3 2500-5000 NA Pit Mounted
  SL-23 7 2500 NA Pit Mounted
  SL-31 10 2000 NA Pit Mounted

Our most popular lifting solutions:

  • Increase the work efficiency and maximum output
  • Provide high capacity for high-travel and high-capacity applications
  • Make loading and unloading process faster
  • Increase multiple-level facility access

We as a Hydraulic scissor lift manufacturer in India provide highly customized versions and traditional lifting solutions at standard rates.

Scissor lifts are designed and manufactured under the supervision of experts. These highly productive equipment make us the best scissor lift manufacturers in India and we are proud to offer the most reliable lifting solutions at affordable rates. 

We understand the needs of companies where a heavy load needs transfer and lifting, safely. If you require lifting to an elevation with a heavy load, please connect with us to get the best assistance.     

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