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Privacy Policy

The following contain details about our privacy policy and how we manage your personal data that you give to us.

We meet the terms of the Data protection legislation, so any personal data which you provide to us is used for the purposes mentioned below.

Please don't provide us detail if you don't want it stored. The personal data which we store may contain your name and email address.

The data we store about you will be used to provide you information and the motive of communication with you. The data is used to manage the site. The details will only be used as stated over here or where your involvements are there. The information we hold about you is kept confidential and only disclosed after your request. We will store your personal data only to develop the communication between you and us.


Personal data

Any personal data you submit on our website will never be used or shared with any kind of third party without your permission. The data which you provide to us is used to respond to your requests, contact you via your e-mail ID to inform you about the new products and services which we offer. We only store general data submitted by you. Please remember that if you provide us personal information in order to receive service messages in return from us we collect and store that information in order to fulfill your request and for our own marketing purposes. We may send mails to inform you about the new technologies, services and offers. You may later request us to discontinue receiving such mails.

Correcting and deleting the data

India SKS will have its own initiative or at your request, correct or delete any improper personal data. By contacting India SKS at the address given below you can request such measures to be taken.

Safety measures

India SKS has taken major steps to prevent unauthorized access, improper use and the inaccuracy of your personal data. Any data mentioned by you will be handled by India SKS and will keep confidential.


Occasionally, we may like a number of other commercial websites, use a standard technology called a "cookie" to find you. A cookie is a small cord of text that a website can send to your browser. A cookie cannot recover any other information from your hard drive, send computer viruses or detain your e-mail address. Recently, websites uses cookies to improve the user's visit; in common, cookies can absolutely store a user's Id and password, customize home pages and find which parts of a site have been visited. It is likely to put your browser to update you when a cookie is being located. This means you have a chance to choose the cookie. By showing how and when our users use this website, these details can assist to enhance our site on a regular basis.

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