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Hydraulic Power Packs

Hydraulic Power Packs

Considered as one of the best hydraulic power packs manufacturers in Delhi, India SKS offers you a range of quality hydraulic equipments with useful accessories that are utilized during pressers and filters. These products are available for both small and big applications. Only superior quality of pumps and valves are applied in these hydraulic power packs systems to make sure high-standard performances, even in high pressure condition.


Model Z 40 Z 50 Z 60
Capaicty 40T 50T 60T
Truck Type 6wheeled , LCV 6wheeled , 10 wheeled 6wheeled , 10 wheeled , 12 wheeled ,
Platform Length 10.5M 11M 11.5M

These power packs are combined with motors that carry high-capacity to work under high pressure. These motors functions with 3 to 40 HP capacity and can match the maximum pressure of 250 bars. The valves are basically fixed and have an upright assembly. These hydraulic power packs are used for AC and DC individual acting purposes with force up to 250 bars. These valves of these products are particularly designed and examined on various manufacturing levels and decrease oil leakage in operation.

Customized Hydraulic Power Packs

We deliver hydraulic power packs combined in high level and modernize shape designs. It can be found in automatically operated function and holds power pack features. We make sure that our products carry compact designs, trouble-free nature, high-standard cylinders and others. Our different range of power pack products are examined on strictly monitored parameters that tells the standard of products and gives guarantee in terms of durability, resistance and capacity to our customers. Our products are used for drilling, rotation, lifting, clamping and slotting machines.

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