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Fruit and Vegetable Unloading

Fruit and Vegetable Unloading
India's Best Fruit Unloader Manufacturer

Our fruit and vegetable unloading system reduces the risk of product damage and saves the cost of labor by using gravity to unpack tractors with trailers up to 70 feet long. We as a fruit unloader manufacturer provides you unpacking and handling systems that are used in a food processing unit for unpacking the fruits and vegetable products.

The system includes truck tilter suitable for any kind of loading and unloading work. Truck tilters can safely and immediately unload vegetables and fruits.


 Model ZT-40 ZT-50 ZT-60
Capacity 40T 50T 60T
Truck Type 6 wheeled &  LCV 6 wheeled & 10 wheeled Trucks 6, 10 & upto 12 wheeled Trucks
Platform Length 8.5M 8.5M 10M

Features of Fruit Unloader:

Less chance to product damage
Fruit Truck Tilter is tilted for 45 degree and product unloads by gravity, reducing damaging chances and labor costs that is charged by customary mechanical and manual unpacking techniques.

Metered discharge
The metering gate balances the flow of the products and safely unloads fruits & vegetables at the place.

No extra effort
Our fruit unloader systems allow people to unload the product without putting extra effort and keep it easily.

Low maintenance
Tough tubular steel structure reduces bend and gives safe and trustworthy unloading services.

Easy access
A long bar support the driver to immediately position truck tilters up to 70 feet long. India SKS provides you great option how to unload fruits and vegetables. These equipments allow you to unload the products by making short work of big loads.

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