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Container Tilter

Container Tilter

Our container tilters are considered very useful in container loading and unloading. These tilters reduce reaching and bending over, however minimizing the chances of back problems.

Benefits of container unloader

Safe, Reliable and Easy To Use
The machine is extremely easy and safe to use and operators find it very useful and supportive.

Improves Productivity
You can load containers faster as the system is potentially strong and can be able to load over 3 containers per hour. It increases productivity such an extent that you can lead the market.

Saves Time and Money
The system reduces the need for main investment in infrastructure required to function them. You can find the equipment trustworthy and simple to operate.

Fast, Efficient and Safe
The container tilter helps you to load and unload containers in a quick, well-organized and secure way.


Model CT-20 CT-40
Capacity 40T 60T
Truck Type 20 ft. Container with and without horse 20 ft. Container with and without horse
Platform Length 8.5 M 12M

Container Unloader Machine with Advanced Quality

India SKS has redesigned the technique the world manages bulk materials. An innovative tilting container unloader let you to block every last corner faster. The tilter can load 20 / 40 ft containers to the top. It is best for loose materials such as grains, minerals, metals and others. We are involved in providing an advanced quality of container tilter to our customers at affordable prices.

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